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Grants on this page were approved between Spring 2014 and Spring 2017.

Approved in the Spring of 2017 – $65,106.20

Grant SchoolTitle of GrantDescription
Joyce KilmerAuthor VisitThis grant would bring author Peter Lerangis to JK to present 2-3 presentations and participate in an author lunch with contest winners.
Lenape MeadowsA day in clay WorkshopThe artist Cliff Mendelsohn will be running a workshop on Native American Pottery. The students will learn the slab/coil techniques to form their own Native American bowl or vase pottery.
Mahwah High SchoolHumanoid RobotsTo update the existing Robotics course to include the NAO Robots and bring STEM to life through project-based learning using a handson learning platform. Students will be able to code and program the robot to react to his/her environment. It is the hope that more female students enroll in these particular STEM classes.
Betsy RossCreating a Flexible ClassroomTo introduce Flexible Seating into one classroom using yoga balls, accordian chairs and bungee bounce chairs. This will increase student motivation and engagement as well as improve behavior and focus to develop an optimal learning experience.
Joyce KilmerAlways Connected - Making a Difference One School at a TimeSgt Tom Rich works with students to open the lines of communication through education and awareness by sharing both personal and legal consequences of misusing technology, social media and popular apps like snapchat, instagram and Facebook.
Joyce Kilmer9 Square in the air - continuous group activity for all9 Square in the air is a volleyballing game involving 9 players. It recently debuted at the NJAHPERD Convention and more physical education teachers are recognizing the benefits that this game can bring to the curriculum.
George WashingtonMaker- Tinker SpaceThis program covers all areas of curriculum and allows students to creatively think and "make" solutions for different challenges. Increases exposure to coding, technology, and robotics though centers geared towards activities in each of a variety of tools and materials. This will have a dedicated classroom for working on these solutions and challenges.
Joyce KilmerLaptop InitiativeThis request is a continuation of the BOE's initiative to get laptops into the lower grades. Used to purchase 60 laptops on 2 carts for JK. One cart would be for 4th grade teachers and students. The other would be for 5th grade students and teachers.

Approved in the Fall of 2016 – $36,000

Grant SchoolGrant TitleDescription
Mahwah High SchoolDigital Film Production: Phase 5The funds requested are for purchasing equipment damaged from wear and tear over the past five years, enhancing audio with all recordings, and to continue to grow the Podcasting unit that was created with the help of the mini-grant last semester.
K-12Mindful Practice for Resilient StudentsThis grant would fund the implementation of a Mindful Practices pilot program for a volunteer group of up to 25 teachers and their students from all district schools. The program’s goal is to meet the needs of the whole child by implementing mindfulness, yoga, team-building, breath work, and movement strategies that address the four SEL competencies: • Self-Awareness • Self-Regulation • Social Awareness • Balance between Self-Efficacy and Social Harmony
Mahwah High SchoolRobotics 2017 SeasonThe competition requires the team to design, prototype and build a 120 pound autonomous robot in just six weeks that will compete in several competitions against other high school teams. The goal is to produce a machine that will function and withstand the rigors of head to head competition to be able to move ahead and make it to the next level.

Approved in the Spring of 2016 – $39,644.45

SchoolGrant Title Description
Mahwah HS Ramapo RidgeLaptop InitiativePurchase more than 1000 HP laptops for the middle and high schools over a two year period
Mahwah HSDigital Film Production: Phase 4 The Digital Film Production and Digital Media courses are making its mark in the high school community. From exploring and creating films in the documentary, silent, horror, rom-com, fish out of water, and buddy film genres to understanding theories and basics of digital media in society today, current students who are taking the courses are being exposed to all aspects of film and media and are applying and being accepted into film schools every year (NYU, Loyola University of Maryland, USC, and URI to name a few.) DM and DFP graduates in these programs have a basic, working knowledge of the theories and techniques which they are building on. Now, it is the goal of this grant-request to give the students coming through the course yet another element of new media with which they can become acquainted and master: PODCASTING.
Mahwah HSCommunity Problem Solvers - Planting Seeds- Garden Grant (Note: Students from the class constructed grant with Mr. Saputski's guidance) We are the Mahwah High School Community Problem Solving team, a course which is run through the Gifted and Talented program at our school. Community Problem Solving is a class in which a team of students follows a six-step process of identifying challenges within our community to a specific issue as well as creating viable solutions to solve them. This year, our project is called Planting Seeds, and is centralized around the issue regarding the lack of learning resources to educate people about nutritional concerns within our community. We decided our focus after researching the challenges of nutrition within the state of New Jersey and learning that the garden at Mahwah High School has been neglected and is currently being used by less than 4% of the student population. Our goal is to revitalize the garden at Mahwah High School so that the community can be involved with this authentic learning environment. This will allow students and community members to have access to educational resources about nutrition in our community. Goals: Repurpose the garden area to include the following items: 1. A green house that will allow for an extended growing season. 2. Garden beds that can be used for various educational programs. 3. Composting bins that would incorporate waste from the school as compost for the garden. 4. Bird houses to allow migration monitoring programs for the environmental science class.
Mahwah HS3D Printing for Mahwah High SchoolThe major goals of this program are to provide 3-D printing services to all of the departments in Mahwah High School, and to integrate 3-D printing technology into the Engineering and Visual Arts curricula. The grant funds will go towards three Printrbot 3-D printers, training for two teachers, and printing filament. The two teachers will be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the 3-D printer machines. They will also introduce the possibilities of 3-D printing technology in the classroom to other departments in the high school through presentations during professional development time. Teachers in all departments can have the opportunity to apply this technology to their curricula to suit the needs of their students. For example, the Robotics Team can use the printer to design custom parts for their projects, or an AP 3-D Design student can create a sculpture in design software for their AP portfolio. Having two teachers with an extensive knowledge of 3-D printing technology to facilitate can streamline the use of this technology so that students can efficiently and successfully create projects. The Industrial Arts and Visual Arts programs will directly benefit from the opportunity to use 3-D printing in their curricula. Students in the Engineering classes, Computer Modeling class, and Interior & Structural Design are already trained in software that is used for creating 3-D printed objects. Giving students in those classes the opportunity to see their designs in the physical world is a matter of adding activities or units that focus on constructing objects to be 3-D printed.
Joyce KilmerMandalas Around the WorldStudents will learn about the math and art of symmetry and create personal mandalas. They will also study the culture and history of the art form. The mandalas will be manufactured into ceramic tiles and hung in the school. Essential Question, What inspires artist to create mandalas found all around the world?

*To view the MSF’s giving the check to Dr. Schoen for the Board of Education
Approved in the Fall of 2015 – $11,670.81

Grant SchoolTitle of GrantDescription
Joyce Kilmer Lenape Meadows Betsy Ross George WashingtonAuthor Visit 2016-2017To bring Nick Bruel, the author and illustrator of such books as the Bad Kitty series. This will target language arts goals and stimulate reading
Mahwah HSDigital Film Production: Phase 3 To purchase equipment to further grow the film production program beyond where it is now and help students think outside the box
George WashingtonSplash for MathOnline math program that provides sequential practice in all math strand areas for grades 1, 2, 3
Betsy RossStory WalkEnlarged laminated books will be laid out for families to walk and read together, incorporating literacy, family, and activity. Books will go home with each child at the end relating home and school.

Approved in the Spring of 2015 – $34,571

Grant SchoolTitle of GrantDescription
Mahwah HSDigital Film Production Phase 2; Media Program*Provide equipment to expand the digital film production and pilot digital news broadcasting.
Lenape MeadowsFine Arts TechnologyMulti use projector and Elmo for art room
Betsy RossImagination Playground Provide blocks and storage to be used at recess
Betsy Ross George Washington Lenape Meadows Joyce Kilmer Monitoring Heart Rate Monitoring heart rate to motivate students to continue to elevate their heart rate through exercise
Mahwah HS Principles of Success, A Community Project Book club for students focusing on improving the quality of life via habits of mind and daily practices
Ramapo Ridge Projector Set-up for Band & Orchestra Multi-media set-ups for band and orchestra rooms

*To view a story about Chris Wragge’s visit to MHS and the Digital Media Program grant
Approved in the Fall of 2014 – $52,052

Grant SchoolTitle of Grant Description
Joyce KilmerAuthor Visit - Joyce Kilmer Fund author Dan Gutman to visit Joyce Kilmer School
Betsy Ross George Washington Lenape Meadows Author Visit -Elementary SchoolsFund visiting author for the elementary schools
Mahwah HSBuilding Healthy RelationshipsVideo game program for both special ed
Mahwah HSDigital Film Production Fund industry standard equipment needed to teach an advanced, college credit course on the film process.
Mahwah HS Fit for the FutureProjector screen and tablet for cardio room
Joyce Kilmer FlocabularyFund access to website to supplement reading and social studies through rap music
George WashingtonKindergarten Common Core Aligned Software Upgrade Provide software for kindergarten to increase reading and math confidence
Ramapo Ridge 39GwAQ7PeH7fJTFa4DXguurfn7GULq2pTsAllow students to create newscasts based on current events in life sciences
Ramapo Ridge Little BitsLearn and prototype with electronics to expand knowledge of Life Sciences
Joyce Kilmer Nepali Peace Wall Create peace theme art tiles
Lenape MeadowsPerforming Arts TechnologyProvide technology for the music and art rooms at Lenape Meadows
Mahwah HSProject P. E. A. C. E. of Mind Promote wellness by reducing stress in school community

Approved in the Spring of 2014 – $24,343

SchoolTitle of GrantDescription
George WashingtoniPads or equivalent tablets for Small Group Instruction at GW*Small group reading students will use the iPads to practice skills in phonics, reading and writing. It will also help them become used to using technology for future assessments
Joyce Kilmer JK Artists Meet Rwanda, a Service-Learning Project** A Service learning project to create a tile wall to help students in Rwanda learn English. A sister wall will also be created at JK
Ramapo Ridge LCD for Visual Arts Enhances visual arts classes through display of works of art and art techniques
Enhances visual arts classes through display of works of art and art techniques Enhances visual arts classes through display of works of art and art techniques Enhances visual arts classes through display of works of art and art techniques
Enhances visual arts classes through display of works of art and art techniques Enhances visual arts classes through display of works of art and art techniques Enhances visual arts classes through display of works of art and art techniques



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