Grant Application Process

The Mahwah Schools Foundation is pleased to support the Mahwah public schools through a Grant program which seeks to inspire innovation, excellence and creativity throughout the school district.

The Grant program is a voluntary, application-based opportunity that assists teachers and administrators in providing curriculum enriching activities, projects, programs and items that can not currently be met by the Board of Education budget. Activities would include those that extend to or enrich the curriculum such as assemblies, involve the purchase of materials or equipment and generally encourage a new learning approach to a subject area.

Grant funds will NOT be considered for the funding of teacher training, teacher development, transportation expenses, travel expenses, accommodation expenditures or food service of any kind.:

Grant Amounts

No maximum or minimum has been set as a limit for each Grant proposal.

The following criteria will be used to evaluate grants:

Criteria for selection

  • Completeness of application Enrichment benefit to students
  • Compatibility of grant with curriculum Innovativeness or creativity of proposal
  • Degree to which grant idea cannot be met by current budget and curriculum
  • Evaluation of in-house resources versus outside experts/talent

Selection Process

Twice each school year the MSF will meet and review all applications and vote their final selections at a regular Trustee meeting.

Application Process – Please title your application using six words or less, interesting title descriptions are encouraged. Be sure to include your name and school email address on the application in case a question should arise. Be sure to include the total number of students and grade level that will be impacted by your Grant. Describe the use of any and all materials, equipment and space requirements needed to complete your application. Describe your program and project features along with the innovative aspects clearly and concisely. Explain the goals and objectives of the program or project.

Specify the curriculum that your application will support. Detail a start date for your project or program along with a timeline for implementation. Detail how student achievement or success will be gained and measured.

Use of Funds

Once awarded, the Grant funds must be expended or committed as soon as possible for maximum benefit and only for the purpose and budget stated in the approved Grant application. Any change or alternate use of the approved funding from the stated purpose must be submitted in writing to the MSF treasurer for approval. Failure to do so will result in the forfeit of Grant monies.

Evaluation Report

At the conclusion of an approved Grant program or project each Grant recipient must complete an on-line evaluation form. Failure to complete this wrap-up evaluation form may jeopardize future applications.



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