Volunteer Opportunities

The Mahwah Schools Foundations has numerous opportunities for volunteering – from big to small commitment levels.

If you would like to volunteer with the Mahwah Schools Foundation, please contact Michelle DeSilva at michdesilva1@gmail.com



The three MSF membership levels include:


Full Trustee

Full Trustees, upon approval via a vote of the membership, are full voting members of the MSF and decide how grant monies are allocated each fall and spring during the biannual grant process.

Full trustees participate in both a standing and a fundraising committee and are expected to attend and assist at other fundraising events through the year.


Associate TrusteeTrustee

Associate trustees are members of at least one committee – either a fundraising or a standing committee – and are expected to support the Foundation’s annual fundraising events through their attendance and volunteering, when needed.


Auxiliary Members

Auxiliary members commit to assist on an as-needed basis.


The MSF Committees include:

Fundraising Committees

Please see our individual events pages for additional information on our annual fundraising events including:

Annual 50/50 Raffle                           Annual Gala

Annual Ladies Night Out                   Annual Thunderbird Run

Corporate Development


Standing Committees

Among others, the primary standing committees include:
  • Nominating Committee – recruiting new members and properly staffing each committee
  • Marketing Committee – public relations and promotion of fundraising events as well as increasing awareness of the Mahwah Schools Foundation as a whole
  • Scholarships Committee – administer the annual scholarship fund, including selecting the two recipients
  • Grants Committee – administer the biannual grant process, including making recommendations to the full trustees before their vote

Meet some of our volunteers


Jeff Lipkin
Jeff, a local attorney with two children in the Mahwah Public Schools, joined the MSF in 2012 and assumed the role of Treasurer of the Foundation shortly thereafter. He continues to volunteer for the Foundation in this capacity. Jeff shares, “As a professional, I feel that it is my social responsibility to give back to the community. Enhancing the educational experience of our children is a worthwhile cause, and I can see the fruits of my labor when my children come home from school every day.”



Julie Bohde (with Ben Kezmarsky)
Julie joined the MSF in 2013 to meet others with children in the school system and to better the educational experience of her children. Since then she has served in various roles in the Foundation – Annual Super Bowl Raffle Chair, Marketing Chair, Vice President of the Foundation and chairing the Annual Ladies Night Out. Julie encourages people considering joining the Foundation by saying, “It’s not only a fantastic way to meet wonderful people in your community and have a lot of fun, there are also so many different ways – both big and small – to get involved.” She has two sons in elementary school and two stepchildren who are recent and upcoming graduates of Mahwah High School.



Michelle DeSilva (with Barbara Widmer)
Michelle joined the MSF in 2012. She has served in various capacities, including Chair of the Annual Gala, Marketing Chair as well as the current Secretary of the Foundation. Of her experience, Michelle says “I truly enjoy working with my friends in raising funds for the school programs and equipment that wouldn’t otherwise be provided. I am grateful that my daughters will all reap the rewards of my efforts through every year of their school experience in Mahwah.” Michelle has three daughters in the schools system.



Tammy Marcus (with her daughter)
Tammy joined the MSF in 2013 and is a mother to two daughters in the Mahwah Public Schools. She has volunteered in various areas of the Foundation and describes the members of the MSF as “a great group of people – friendly, kind and fun-loving – who all really care about our township, its schools and the students.” Tammy adds, “I encourage anyone who has a child in the Mahwah Schools System to attend an MSF meeting and see what we are all about.”



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